About me


Trough my life, I always was striving towards the light. My childhood wasn’t too happy since I was living trough various challenges.
However I always knew, there is something much nicer and lot better that I have to reach and achieve. Taking shelter in stories and daydreaming, I have build a world where I could feel safe.

As I grew older, I graduated from the graphic school and had a dream to become a journalist but my life path was a bit different, directing me towards the path of self realization. For some yeas I was traveling to India and
other places of pilgrimage and spiritual wisdom, immersing myself in wonderful bhakti-yoga process.

Nowadays, I still feel that I have stories to tell and that I need to express myself by ‘striving to light’ in more ways. This strong impulse has made me to start discovering myself trough the medium of fine art photography. I have realized that creating in this way is deeply nourishing and healing process. Discovering and accepting
my darkest feelings and in the same time enjoying this exiting journey, finding my real self and harmony with Universe, with life full of light.

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